Enlightening Life Services 

The benchmark times you or your family go through such as, a wedding... baptism... sadly sometimes a funeral are always critical. 

At those crucial times having the right minister officiating and assisting you with your ceremony or event, can make an incredible difference. As a universal, spiritual ordained minister I am able to provide such life services in a way that will be unique to you and your family. Making your ceremony/event exactly what you need, allows me to embrace you and/or your loved ones the way you need it, when you needed it the most. Additionally, in many cases, instead of or in addition to,  a local event, and when I am not local to you this can been done via Skype & BlogTalkRadio, enabling you to have those who can't travel to you, to still participate.

When needed I can also provide other important things, which are included in the services fee that will make these times easier and more enjoyable. For example; while I am not a "wedding planner" I can assist with music selections and scheduling, making your event or ceremony smooth and efficient. **When needed, at no charge, I will also provide a portable sound system with microphone so even a small ceremony is one that everyone can hear and enjoy!

While it's not possible for me to rely totally on gift payments after ceremonies or counseling sessions, my fees are very affordable, and on a case by case basis I can often times work with you on payment. It depends on what you need. You may just need a minister to show up at your ceremony and officiate, or you may need all the services I can offer you and your love ones. Its all about you and what you need. 

Its simple too, just call me or email me, and after we chat for a bit, if you like we'll schedule an initial consultation **in person, at my location or yours. ** and when not local we can meet online or by phone, and at that point we'll discuss whatever your needs/wants are and if you would like to have me officiate at your ceremony/event. 

Keeping a happy and healthy attitude is everything, but it can be a challenge and even a struggle. And, since there are so many emotions and challenges as we go through life it is a big help to have a minister/life counselor who you can go to for guidance and prayer, and in total confidence and trust. Year round, in addition to officating, I also offer pre-wedding and marriage counseling, family & individual counseling; as well as situation specific counseling and prayer sessions that can be life changing, even empowering and will bring a great deal of peace and confidence in your life decisions and/or events as you go through them. That is why they are Enlightening LIfe Services!

For more information you can reach me at (512) 739-7668 or (512) 333-1762

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