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Kari Light is a mother, wife, minister, enlightener, blogger, investagative and patriotic woman who's passion to discuss the things in our life & country that need to be talked about & worked on; motivated her to create and bring life to the                                             , which was established in June 2011.

Discussing & working together to find solutions, motivation & support needed to MAKE THAT CHANGE in all aspects of our lives is what it takes!! 

Kari Light, understands the divide often found in life & in our country that can and for many has led to a path they do not wish to be on. Or maybe its the opposite and they have learned life lessons that have brought success & happiness.  Either way, the need for conversations about our life issues to take place and then be shared is greater than ever before.

Over the years, in addition to her proffessional career as a Realtor & Mortgage Broker, she has been blessed to have been involvoed in many community organizations and projects from health care to political issues and everything in between. Always finding that results, both negative & positive, directly correlate with our attitude, believing & learning there is always a solution to any problem. 

You can enjoy her online radio shows live; in the chat room as well as calling in to Truth Finders Network. She is currently  blogging                                     , and is enjoying being a Guest Host on the "Traveling Psychic Supper Club" online @ www.paramaniaradio.com.

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